My how time flies…

Has it really been three months since I’ve posted anything? Between the new job and the new grandson, I guess I haven’t taken the time to write. Not even to write about my grandson? What kinda grandmother am I?

So, OK, let’s talk about my grandson.

First, he’s beautiful. He’s got big soulful eyes that look like they’re already filled with wisdom. (Yeah, yeah, I know I’m sorta anthropomorphizing him!) He’s cautious and studied in his approach to people and things. He startles easily. He can freak out some. But, oh my goodness, when he laughs there’s not a cell in his body that isn’t laughing. He loves the sound of his voice, and likes music and being sung to. He babbles a lot, screeches and giggles. He’s high maintenance, but so much fun to be with that it makes the tough times easier. And, yes, I’m prejudiced. As it should be.

Is my daughter sleep-deprived? Yes. Is she tired? Yes. Does her husband help out? Absolutely. But a high maintenance baby takes everything out of everyone, with not much left in the reserve tanks. When my husband and I babysat on location with Wesley while his mom was doing a wedding shoot, I took a nap when he did. And that’s not saying a whole lot, because he doesn’t nap a whole lot. Twenty minutes, tops. Maybe a few times a day. No morning nap. No afternoon nap. Just little catnaps. My poor daughter and son in law. What a way to be newbie parents.

Wesley likes to be entertained, and he can entertain himself. He loves lying on his back and playing with a bunch of dangling toys hanging from a PVC set-up. He’s found his toes, another source of wonder and delight. He likes being in the stroller, even inside the house, so he can see what’s going on. Don’t cuddle him, though (unless he’s trying to sleep). If you’re holding him, you’d better be letting him see the world over your shoulder or he’s not a happy camper.

He has some bouncy 360 degree chair thingy that has sounds and lights and gadgets and toys. He loves that, too.

But everything in moderation. And in short intervals. My daughter spends her day moving from one activity to the other. And meal time is still serious business, but now he can get easily distracted. So I can’t play with his toes while he’s nursing, or he stops. Oops! My bad!

My daughter was sick this week, but luckily only a 24-hour bug. She ran a high fever.  Her father-in-law was in town, and he kindly drove her to the doctor. Yep, a virus. Sorry, nothing we can do for you. But the baby should be fine because he’s nursing. Now go home. Get well soon.


But she recovered quickly. And now she’s panicking because she can’t find the precious birthday candle holders we used for HER birthdays. Right now, it’s he said, she said. I think I gave them to her since Wesley was born, she and her husband say I’m old and forgetful so I probably still have them! I think I took them down and the box got shoved into a corner because the baby was new, nursing was new, not sleeping was new, etc. They’ll turn up in time for his first birthday. But my daughter wants them NOW to decorate his room. Where oh where can those candle holders be? Under other circumstances, I know my daughter and I would have unwrapped each one to look at, to ooh and aaah over. But I have a sense of feeling disappointment that we didn’t get to do that because there was so much other stuff going on. My sense of feeling disappointment, and my memory (poor as it is) of taking the candle holders down once Wesley was born, plus the fact I can’t find them at home, all seems to point to the ineluctable conclusion that they are in my daughter’s house somewhere. Like I said, they’ll turn up.

And I promise, I’ll turn up more frequently here to post.


~ by Heather on September 23, 2012.

One Response to “My how time flies…”

  1. I can’;t remember the candle holders. Anyhow, enjoyed your maven post. Love, Mom

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