Morning Person Again?

Summer has turned into a blistering high heat high humidity nightmare. Temperatures soaring into the upper 90’s and low 100’s, with heat indexes at 110 are here for a number of days. It takes your breath away when you walk outside to do even the most simple task. My solution: stay inside! That’s what air conditioning was created for. This morning, Sonny and I walked around the block at 6 am, then I dropped her off for her breakfast and walked another 30 minutes. That’s it for the day. Last night at 10:45 it still felt hot and humid, but this morning was pleasant enough.

I remember being a morning person when our daughter was young. I would wake up between 5:30 and 6, and enjoy 30 minutes of solitude with my coffee and newspaper. No husband, no daughter. Just time to myself. It’s getting so hot right now I may have to do that again, although the thought of waking up at 5 to walk sounds horrible.

My new job, which I love, has lengthened my days. The other night, I ate dinner and went to lie down for a bit at 7:30. That turned out to be all night. Last night, I did the same thing on purpose.But I woke up feeling refreshed. Well, after 10 hours of sleep, wouldn’t anyone?

I think it’s just my brain is rocketing at light speed right now with my new job. Not that it has caused me any stress: the company is letting me settle in at my own pace, so to speak. But I can’t turn off my brain, even on the leisurely 35 minute drive home. So I come home, immediately change clothes, fix/eat dinner, and crash. Hopefully, this scenario won’t last much longer. I’m sure my husband would appreciate spending some time with me!

My old company found my “replacement”, so I’m helping train her today and over the next few Saturdays. Maybe even the 4th of July if she’s interested. It’s a paid holiday for me, but not for her. The sooner I can cut ties with the old  company — not the people — the better off I’ll feel. And I also spoke with the Guradian ad litem office. My attendance at court is not mandatory, so I can hold on to the two cases I currently have until they’re complete. Then I may switch to the county in which I work, so that court attendance isn’t an issue.

My new office is down towards the end of the “mezzanine” hall, and it’s a little warm, so I had to hijack my fan from my old job the other morning. Then, I discovered that my new car said I had enough gas to make it to my new job, but not to get back home again. Luckily, Kinston has lower gas prices than Greenville as a rule, and I was able to gas up for only a penny more than what Sam’s Club was. And I still made it to work with time to spare.

I hate rushing in the mornings.

My dear husband had the audacity to ask to borrow my new car this weekend for his trip to the western part of the state. How could I say no: he was the one who suggested I get a new car in the first place! So now, we both have more gas efficient cars and I don’t have to shift gears anymore! I’m saving money on mpg, which is good since I’m now a commuter. I love my new car, and already tested its road-worthiness with my most recent trip to see the new grandbaby.

So here I am, on a Saturday morning, blogging prior to 8 am, having already walked, showered, dressed and drunk my coffee. Morning person indeed!

I’m scheduled to meet my replacement at 9, then run to pick up a few things at this store and that, if the heat doesn’t drive that idea right out the window.


~ by Heather on June 30, 2012.

One Response to “Morning Person Again?”

  1. glad to hear you settling into your new day. The morning person in you had to come from your father, because I am not. Love, Mom

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