Three visits in 6 weeks!

Due to circumstances totally within my control, I was able to finagle another visit to Wesley for 3 days. I wouldn’t have passed it up for the world!

I’ve been fortunate to see him smile, be happy, be gassy, cry his little heart out, and almost laugh. He’s starting to make sounds, and watch watch watch one’s face. The eye contact with Wesley’s still baby blues is unbelievablly and totally engrossing. Who would think that staring into my grandson’s eyes would send me soaring!

I sing to him, and he listens. I talk to him, and he listens. We have a word for the day, to expand his vocabulary. As if!

And, he can now turn his head and track who he’s looking at, mostly his mama. All eyes are on her and her voice, her touch and her smell. Wesley knows mama is the fount of all he needs, especially when he’s fussy. Mama has learned to recognize the different cries he makes to help her meet his needs better. And I just love watching her watching him, and visa versa. There’s nothing like the look of a mother’s love for her child. My daughter has it in her eyes, her voice, the way she moves around him, the silly sounds she makes, the little games she plays with him.

And I couldn’t be more proud of the new role she’s taken on. She’s a natural, with the help of the internet, lactation specialists, and her gut. Nana’s “knowledge” is outdated, except when it comes to how to love a grandson. I needed no training or practice. I absolutely unconditionally love that little guy, just because he’s the son of my daughter and son-in-law. Families are dysfunctional, but they’re very dynamic, too. And Wesley is the first in our family of the next generation.

And, with no apologies for my bias, Wesley looks absolutely adorable, beautiful, cute, sweet and I’m sure is brilliant besides. He has a great future, but not in football per mama and dad’s specifications. No football: too dangerous. He’s already being groomed for baseball, probably with the South Carolina Gamecocks! But he also has a very artistic mother, so he’ll be well-balanced with his daddy’s mathematics, statistical, and analytical expertise.

In other words, Wesley’s future is bright with potential.

And he really loves a dry clean diaper, and looks so doggone cute in his re-usable diapers.

Don’t grow too fast, Wesley. Not that we have any control over your abilities. But let all of us get to enjoy your babyhood.

I saw him at birth, at two weeks, and at 5 weeks. Next visit: he’ll already be 3 and a half months old! Thank goodness for video chat, daily iPhone pictures from my daughter, and texting. At least Pops and Nana won’t be living in a Wesley void/vacuum.

See you again soon, Wesley!




~ by Heather on June 24, 2012.

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