My Week With Wesley

FishFace Fusspants. That about sums up what his mother calls Wesley Cape in the most loving voice imaginable. Fusspants? Well, that’s obvious if you have to wear diapers. Fish Face? That’s when he puckers up his lips and squishes his cheeks in. Adorable? Absolutely.

And I love hearing my daughter tell Wesley: “Oh, sadness!.” She says it so cooingly (yes, I think I just made up a word), so lovingly, that it touches my heart to hear her talk to her son. I’m drinking it all in, to save in my memories of my second visit with my brand-new grandson.

A week of oohing and aahing over every cute thing Wesley does: every burp, every fart, every little sneeze, every raised eyebrow, every furrowed brow, and every cry. Yes, and even every dirty diaper. They are all ingrained in my heart and soul, to hold on to when I have to leave in just a few days.

I know we’re seeing him over Labor Day. But that’ s practically a lifetime for a newborn. All the milestones we’ll have missed because of the distance between us. His smiling, his cooing, his lifting his head and learning to turn over.

Yes, we can video chat, but it’s no substitute for the real thing. And yet, as soon as my daughter gets her’s and Wesley’s rhythms synced so there’s time for the outside world, then video chatting will do just fine.

And I know I’ll be texted plenty of pictures to keep me visually satisfied.

I just hate being so far away that Wesley won’t “know” us; that we’ll have to count ourselves lucky if we manage to see him only 4 times a year. But stop, Heather. Stop that negativity. Stop thinking only of yourself.

After all, this adventure isn’t mine, after all, but my daughter’s and her husband’s. We’re just one of the sideshows, Pops and Nana. The main attraction, starring Wesley Cape, is just down the road a bit. And for now, that’s better than the other coast or across the ocean. Or no road at all.


~ by Heather on May 24, 2012.

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