Counting Down the Days

I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 months since I last blogged. I guess I’ve been busy. Who knows?

Anyway, we are counting down the days until the birth of our grandson. Today is T minus 31. His official due date is on Mother’s Day, but my daughter says he can come anytime after the 17th. That’s the weekend of “The Baby Party”. My son-in-law says it’s a party, not a shower, especially since couples are invited. But the party is not the reason my daughter says he can come after the 17th. Apparently, the 17th marks the official day that a baby is considered full-term, even though it’s not yet 40 weeks. But no plans to induce labor are in place unless it’s a medical necessity. All natural is the way my daughter is planning and hoping to go.

She’s had plenty of time to research just about every aspect of in utero growth, the birth process, and after. So I know she’s well versed and educated. But like my daughter’s paternal grandfather Papa B once said, the baby hasn’t read the books!

Either way, we’ll find out this week if the ob/gyn staff concur that my daughter is given the go-ahead to even travel to “The Baby Party”, which is 5 hours from their home.

So, I will be a first-time grandmother in about a month. Most days, it doesn’t faze me a bit. It’s just a natural part of life that I am looking forward to. I’ve been ready for a few years now, but not that many years.  Not even when the kids first got married, which was 3 and a half years ago. But maybe the last two years I’ve decided that I’m ready. Not like I had any control over the circumstances anyway! But if I ponder on the actual concept of being a grandparent, my daughter becoming a mother, and the presence of a child for a while, I start to get choked up a bit, recognizing the enormity and wonder of this coming event. So, I try not to dwell…

I also try not to look too far into the future, but circumstances being what they are, we went ahead and scheduled a trip to Charleston over Labor Day weekend. My daughter has two weddings to shoot that weekend, and being a holiday weekend, I had to reserve rooms for ourselves and board the dog. So, if all goes according to plans, we’ll be babysitting our what will then be 4 month old grandson while “Mom” is working. I’m excited about Labor Day weekend, but it’s still too far in the future to dwell on. Just glad we have a place to stay for us and the dog for Labor Day. My daughter says she’s looking forward to “labor day”.

Our hopes are to be able to travel to see the family once a month. But at least there’s Skype and Google+ in between.

And my husband has finally entered the digital age, camera-wise. So I won’t have to wait for months for a roll of film to finish being taken, then developed, and then printed. We will have instant gratification. But we’ll also have to get into the habit of getting some pictures actually printed. Ah, there’s the rub….

My daughter has been busy with a temporary almost full-time job this winter, which has helped her while away the time. But her work officially ends right after tax return day, so those last couple of weeks might really start to drag for her. She’s not one who gets excited about “the future”. She wants it “now”. If a birthday present came early, she’d open it immediately, not waiting for her actual birthday. She can’t be my daughter, can she? I don’t even open birthday cards that arrive until my birthday! I guess I like savoring the anticipation. She’s always been a more immediate person. She can plan for the future very well, but waiting is not one of her virtues. At all.

Of course, pregnancy is a 9 month proposition, so she had no choice!

I don’t think I’ll be blogging again until after “labor day”. But who knows? The muse might strike.


~ by Heather on April 8, 2012.

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