Who will I love?

My daughter, now almost 25 weeks pregnant, has been told by others that, once the baby is born, we will have no “use” for her. It will be all about the baby.

She couldn’t be more wrong. Of course, there will be many times that the baby boy will be the focus of our attention. But I remember how it was when I gave birth to my daughter. And I know that she will feel what I felt: that all the attention given to the baby is only reflected love. That the love my parents showered on their granddaughter was a reflection of their love of me. Believe me, if it hadn’t been mine, my daughter would have meant nothing in their eyes except just another cute baby.

Every time my parents spent time with my daughter, every time they took her on a trip, every time they bought her clothes, it was because they loved me that they showered this attention on her. And I wasn’t the least bit jealous.

I hope my daughter will see the same things about us when her child is born: that loving her baby is loving her.

I still love you to the sky, kiddo.


~ by Heather on January 16, 2012.

One Response to “Who will I love?”

  1. Everything in that posting was the g_d’s honest truth. Our love for you has never diminished, and has actually grown through the years. Whoever told Erin that stupid bit of nonsense, is ridiculous.
    Love, Mom

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