Goodnight, Irene. And Good-bye!

Hurricane Irene was scary because it lasted so long, but luckily, we survived well, with no major problems, and hardly any minor ones. The biggest inconveniences was that we lost power for 12 hours, had no TV, no internet access, and hardly any phone reception (AT&T SUCKS!!!!) and, even with the phone working, no internet access.

We went out for a drive at 5 pm Saturday night, before dark, to charge my iPhone, and saw downed limbs, downed trees, some on houses. We stayed away from known areas of flooding and heavy overhanging trees, and managed to wend our way pretty easily from home to Greenville Blvd., to Evans St., and Firetower Rd., then back home.

Just after dusk, before dark, I started lighting candles and reading by candlelight. It was nice, quiet (except for the wind still gusting sometimes outside) and then my husband noticed that the fan had started turning. Electricity was back on! Hooray! I didn’t have to worry about losing my refrigerated meds or other food. Just a few ice cream sandwiches were softening, but my husband made the ultimate sacrifice and ate them before they melted! The refrigerator had stayed cool, and everything in the freezer other than the ice cream sandwiches stayed frozen, so we were very lucky. Otherwise, I would have to be doing A LOT of cooking and grilling today!

My husband and I worked in the yard this a.m., clearing small debris and now, as I sit in air-conditioned comfort, my husband is outside mowing the lawn in the beautiful bright sunshine that we hadn’t seen since early Friday morning.

I guess I’ll have to cook dinner as recompense!


~ by Heather on August 28, 2011.

One Response to “Goodnight, Irene. And Good-bye!”

  1. you write so well. But I am glad that all came right when there was so much destruction around. Love, Mom

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