My 5-month life in a nutshell.

I can’t believe it’s been almost three months since last I took this — what was supposed to be — reflective, cathartic, humorous, daily grunts and groans, memory-laden creative reflection of life, living, love and laughter. You’d think nothing had been going on in my life for a few months.

You’d be dead wrong.

But with the advent of busy season at work, the guardian ad litem reality of a case, the internal strife at my job (Mom, do not worry. It has nothing to do with me. I’m fine!), our lovely trip to northern Florida (or southern Georgia) to visit our daughter, son-in-law, Charley and Sig, and finally relenting to go with my husband to one of his trips to Jonesville, there just hasn’t been time to sit and cogitate about things.

So I will try to summarize some of the events:

1. June and I had dinner together. It was lovely to re-connect with an old friend as she tries to adapt to the loss of her beloved husband.

2. Darlene and I had dinner together. It was lovely to re-connect with an old friend. We usually spend more time together, but that time just hasn’t been available.

3. We visited Yulee, Florida where our daughter et al now live. Their home is absolutely lovely, with the exception of some ghastly wallpaper in several rooms and some fake ceramic tiles with hearts (and angel wallpaper?) Definitely not in the style of my daughter or husband, but time and money will take care of those small matters. Her husband had started building a beautiful fence which was still in progress while we were there, and it is finally finished. A professional piece of work, because my son-in-law doesn’t do anything unless it is done well.  Now the dogs can run free in the front yard without getting into more than their ordinary brand of trouble! The kids have placed St. Augustine sod squares in the backyard, where the dogs will not be allowed to run around like maniacs. They have placed Centipede sod in the front yard. To save money, they’re not completely sodding, but will let time and nature fill in the gaps.The home is on a beautiful large piece of land with old moss-covered trees and the backyard also overlooks protected tidal marshlands. May they have many happy years together there.

4. Our daughter is becoming quite an accomplished cook, experimenting with new dishes and taking mouth-watering pictures of them to send to my phone for us to slaver over. We’ve tasted some of them during our Yulee visit, and they indeed are very good. It’s amazing the variety of foods one has to use in the kitchen when one is no longer a vegetarian!

5. My husband has been busy mowing lawns at our house here and our house in the foothills. Our house here is a very small piece of land, but the heat has been horrendous. The foothills house is at least a quarter acre, and a push mower takes time. Plus, he only gets there twice a month, so the grass has been unusually high because — unlike here at home — it’s been raining every single day up there. Great for our small garden of tomatoes and green peppers, but not so great when you have to mow two-week high grass that’s wet. Needless to see, I do NOT offer to help mow, but a couple of weekends ago I trimmed the azaleas and rhododendron  around the walkway to beat them back behind the retaining wall. I won!

6. My guardian ad litem case involves 3 beautiful boys that has taken me hours and hours to sort through material, read documents, visit the boys, interview people, attend meetings, prepare a 10-page court report, attend court — which was continued for 3 weeks — and then was handed some more reading material when at court. It’s rewarding, but a lot of time. I come home from a hard day at work and usually have to tell my husband, “I have homework tonight” (meaning more case work).

7. Work. Well, here’s a long story that I can’t tell just yet, but it’s developing into one of those Judge Judy type of cases you hate to watch but can’t pull yourself away from. Or maybe Nancy Grace, the Great Arbitrator and Denouncer of Fate! No details or questions, please. I’m having to play my cards close to the vest and — as usual — am still looking for another job. (Mom, I’m OK. Don’t worry.)

8. Sonny has her good days and bad days, as usual. But her trip to the foothills was one of her better adjustments. Also, we are starting to leave her out of her crate when we go out for just a few hours. She’s been excellent. No torn pillows, no torn blinds, no torn furniture. No mischievous tearing of paper or stuff. Good good girl. And we like it for 2 reasons. We don’t have to crate her up like we do when we go to work, and I like having a free roaming barking guard dog if strangers come to the door.

9. Weather. Hot. Miserably hot. Heat index humidity. But, being the air-conditioned girl I am, it doesn’t bother me. I don’t go out to prune my roses, etc. except early in the morning or right before dark at night.

So, that’s my life in a nutshell over the past few months. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but I’ll fill you in if my depleting brain cells are able to muster enough energy to remember them!


~ by Heather on August 7, 2011.

One Response to “My 5-month life in a nutshell.”

  1. doesn”t sound like a fun 5 months. Glad you added the notes to the job talking. I would have had a breakdown of some sort otherwise. I do have the right email add for Erin. Take care. Love, Mom

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