Slaving away and other miscellaneous thoughts

Filled with guilt over how hard my husband is working this weekend at our “retirement” home in the Yadkin Valley, I took it upon myself to work equally hard at home. Well, it can’t be equally hard because I wasn’t outside pushing a lawnmower and stuff like that. I was in air-conditioned comfort, but I did work hard. I found the bottom layer of grime in the house by getting rid of the other layers of grime that had been on top of it!

Bathrooms, living room, bedroom. They all got equal treatment, in between stops to rest and read.

Yes, I’m reading yet another physics book. I’m hoping that if I read enough books about the universe, I might start understanding it someday! Physics is so difficult. But I am a discerning reader. If someone is writing way over my head, I move on to the next book with a more lay-minded approach. It’s not hard to make me feel stupid when it comes to physics, but authors shouldn’t have to make a point of their superiority.

Back to slaving away. I have found it easier to clean in small time intervals and limited spaces. That way, cleaning the “house” isn’t so daunting a task. But this was a deeper clean than my normal everyday clean. I moved furniture, moved Sonny’s toys that were strewn all over the living room floor, shook out rugs, used my feather duster, cleaned baseboards and a few other tasks. I’m not so much a clean freak as I am a non-clutter freak. And my home has gotten very cluttery in places that I had managed to keep de-cluttered for a long time.  I have a few more areas to work on, but I’m done for the day. My bedroom has one more spot to de-clutter, and then my bedroom (ok, OUR bedroom) will be a safe haven of calm again.

I don’t even have a TV in the bedroom in order to keep it a safe haven of calm. If a TV were there, my husband would have it on, and that just won’t do. I like peace and quiet and calm. How I managed to allow a child, much less a dog, into my life is surely a mystery to me! No regrets, but it does seem strange. I remember spending our early years in a two-story townhome telling both my husband and daughter, “take something upstairs when you go.” It rarely worked. I would plant items on the steps, and purposely wait to see how long it would take for someone other than myself to take the bull by the horns and move that “thing”, whatever it was, upstairs. The longest time: 3 weeks!! And I think I ended up taking the dratted object upstairs, finally.

Besides taking something upstairs, my other common approach to neatness was, “put it back where it belongs.” That phrase was respected a little more than the upstairs one. And speaking of putting things back where they belong, there is another axiom: if you want to find where something is, look for it. But look underneath things in the drawers or behind things in the refrigerator! The item you’re looking for isn’t necessarily on top or in front. (You know who you are!)

I remember Roseanne Barr saying that she was a uterine homing device. So true, so true. My husband still sometimes asks me where something is, even if it’s been in the same place for the past 6 years! (Can’t live with him, can’t live without him!!)

Wow, I’ve really gotten far afield from slaving away. Don’t you love stream of consciousness?


~ by Heather on May 22, 2011.

One Response to “Slaving away and other miscellaneous thoughts”

  1. I love the new pic om your site. Also, you sounded verrryyy busy this weekend. Good luck and lots of love. Mom

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