I’m an iphone snob!

So, we had to get a new contract. The old one with Verizon was running out, and so was my husband’s cellphone. He’d turn on his cell before going to work in the morning, and it was two hours behind. Then, mysteriously, sometime during the day, the clock would be right. But then the phone started shutting itself off. Probably a battery issue. But with that, the ending contract and the fact I was itching for a change, I looked at pricing first, phone second, coverage third.

Maybe not the best decision paradigm, but it worked. Verizon was going to cost $25 more each month and an iphone was going to cost $100 more. Plus the cost of my husband’s phone. AT&T saved me money on the phone and the plan. Plus my husband’s phone was free, as was the car charger and the non-wireless sync/charger. I did splurge and buy a nice protective case and I invested in a bluetooth earpiece. I have been driving/talking for 2 years now without an ear connection of any kind, plus shifting my car, and it’s gotten very old. The bluetooth was a safety issue.

OK, so the price was better. The phone was cheaper and it was the iphone with the ability to talk/surf at the same time. I already love that. I could never do anything but talk on the Blackberry when on the phone. Maybe there were capabilities there, but I never figured them out. The texting was easy, but lately, I think my thumb was developing some carpal tunnel like issues.

The iphone is gorgeous, intuitive and I love the touch screen. Well, for everything but the texting. But I’m already 100% better than I was yesterday. I’m already twice as good at it as I was yesterday, which was horrible. I don’t think I was touching ANY correct letters the first time. I’ve been told the keypad learns my fingers. I can’t wait. My accuracy is improving, but I’m not fast.

But slowly and surely…

Anyway, my daughter has acquainted me with a few apps to download. I’ve already taken 3 better pictures of Sonny than the Blackberry was ever able to do. Honest, it’s not me, it’s the phone! I have a closeup of Sonny I’m going to share. She’s not blurry, her eyes don’t have the devil-glare look. I might actually have fun taking pictures.

Back to the paradigm. Pricing. Done. Phone. Done. Service, as in connectivity: very lacking. We received 1 bar at home, sometimes 2. Barely there, and already difficult connections while one of us was home and the other away. My sales rep told me I could get a free home booster if I needed it. After 24 hours, we decided we did. It’s taken a while to “warm up” through connection with our router, but I now have 4 bars. Much better. Much much better.

The only downside, with both this plan and the one with Verizon, is that we have limited shared minutes when not mobile to mobile or nights and weekends. We recently discontinued our landline to save some money, so those minutes will be used to conduct business. I think we’ll have plenty. My daughter’s on mobile most of the time, although I heard they’re getting a landline. She’ll just have to call me on her mobile, or wait for weekends or nights! Haha!

OK, with the help of the free app, Instagram, may I present a picture of Sonny, eye boogers and all!



~ by Heather on April 9, 2011.

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