Walking The Dog

It’s official. After 4 years in our care, our dog, Sonny, has finally learned to walk. As in, “go for a walk”. As in: walking with one paw in front of the other and not pulling on her leash so she goes into auto-erotic asphyxia!

Yes, she’s learned to walk. But ONLY with her entire pack. And I don’t mean one in front of the other. It’s gotta be side by side or else Sonny starts tugging at the leash again. My husband and I finally have to walk together, with Sonny in the middle. And when she’s in the middle, I think she is so fixated on making sure she isn’t trod on by one or the other of us that she has to concentrate to walk straight.

And she walks like a real dog!

I want to jump for joy. After all, it’s only taken 4 years to reach this day.

Ever hopeful, I took her out today by myself. Almost the same old same old. But with a slightly more hesitant desire to choke herself on the leash. She still pulled, but not maniacally so.

My husband has promised to go with me tomorrow.

Step by step, Sonny is finally becoming a real dog!

And we’re becoming real dog owners! Like Cesar Milan says: exercise, discipline, affection.

In that order.



~ by Heather on March 24, 2011.

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