Get ready, Florida. Here they come!

Yep, it’s official. my daughter and her husband are moving to Florida. Back to Florida for my daughter, a Florida native who is proud to call Florida her home state and Sarasota her place of birth.

Near Jacksonville. Near the Georgia border. Equidistant for Alton and us for the time being. I like being equidistant with my son-in-law’s father. it keeps us on an equal footing if and when other life events occur.

But, none of that’s really important right now. What’s important is that my son-in-law has not only gotten a foot in the door of the Army Corp of Engineers, he’ll be improving his financial status enough to help my daughter go out on her own as a professional photographer.

I am so proud of her! Proud of her abilities. Proud of her business acumen. Proud of her organizational skills.

And very grateful to my son-in-law for providing my daughter the support she needs, both emotional and financial, to allow this new phase in my daughter’s life to progress.

Sure, they’re further away, and I’d be lying if I said I liked that. But it’s not as far as it could have been and still near enough to drive from time to time. Thank goodness for Skype, texting and free mobile to mobile minutes!

Exciting times for the both of them. Congratulations to my daughter and son-in-law!


~ by Heather on March 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Get ready, Florida. Here they come!”

  1. Erin had called me the other day to tell me it was official. She said she’ll come down before her season starts to be able to see us. She sounds excited, and both of them are looking at new possibilities. Love, Mom

  2. Love you mom 🙂

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