Of Dogs and Blogs.

The grand-dogs are gone, but the refrigerator died and my husband’s brand new car wouldn’t start for the 2nd time. It was not a nice way to ease into the week, but we got through it, the car got fixed, so did the refrigerator. So all is all right with the world.

But I was thinking about my dog, Sonny, last night. Instead of sleeping, I was composing an email or letter in my head to Cesar Milan, asking for his help. After all, she still gets sick. And, after all, she still can’t walk worth a darn. Maybe it’s time to put those nighttime letters into action. I think I’ll research Cesar’s site to see how best to communicate. Stay tuned. Ya never know.

I was excited also this weekend because my Kindle was finally connecting straight to amazon without having to go through my pc. I was able to download a sample of a book I want to buy, although I did go to the library first to see if they had it. It had been checked out just the day before, but I put a hold on it. The librarian suggested I do both: buy the book and check it out at the library because of the photos and pictorial descriptions. It’s a new book on the physics of the universe by Brian Greene, so it does tend to get technical. Pictures would indeed help.

My husband is on his way back from Jonesville this weekend. He was in Knightdale when last we talked, but he’s been coming through some horrendous weather that is coming our way. I’ll have to take Sonny out before the “real” bad weather comes. It’s drizzled, and it’s windy, but nothing like real rain yet.

And I had some phone issues this morning. I think it was related to the fact that my cellphone battery oozed out everything overnight. I should have restarted it when I recharged the battery but didn’t. Maybe that’s all that happened. But it’s working ok now.

Thank you, my daughter, for letting me know I had a problem! I do have moments when I wonder if we shouldn’t have kept the land line, but what’s done is done.



~ by Heather on March 6, 2011.

One Response to “Of Dogs and Blogs.”

  1. you have sure had a week. What was the matter with Steve’s new car? Anyhow, hope all is better now. Who is Cesar Milan?

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