Halfway Through and The Dogs Are Alright

…but I’m not sure about me.

I love them all, but I do miss my more simple life with only 1 pet. Three is quite a handful in the house, although they’re silly and goofy and playful most of the time. And bedtimes have been quiet, although Sig seems to think 5 a.m. is a good time to start whining. I don’t hear him, though. I wear ear plugs that tune out the entire world. I’ve offered an extra pair to my husband, but he’s refused. So he can continue to be awakened at 5 a.m.

We don’t take them out at that time. 6 a.m. comes quickly enough.

And when we come home from work at 5:15, there are 3 very hyperactive and bladder-filled dogs ready to be let out. Of course, at their house, all ya gotta do is open the door to the fenced in backyard. Here, we have to put on collars and leashes. And walk them. But the walk is good for ALL of us. The dogs get to exercise and work out their hours of naps and inactivity, we get some exercise and the sense we are doing something positive for the dogs. It’s a win/win. Unless it’s too cold or it’s raining. We’ve been pretty fortunate so far.

So, to my daughter and her husband, should they glance at this blog while in Las Vegas, I say, “hope you’re having a great time. We love having the boys, but it certainly has cured me of wanting a second dog!”

Just as a point of reference, I did NOT even turn on my computer when I got home from work Monday. And that was actually a pleasant respite as well.



~ by Heather on February 22, 2011.

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