Stuck in the middle.

Clowns to the left of me.

Jokers to the right.

Here I am. Stuck in the middle with you. And you. And you.

Yes, I am surrounded by Sonny, Charley and Sig. Literally. Charley is my new shadow. Sonny is protecting her “turf” (me) and Sig barrels his way in when he wants love and attention. I have never felt my personal space so invaded!

Sig and Sonny are whiners, and Sig whines a lot. A lot. Charley just sits or lays wherever he wants, be it on the arm of the couch, my lap, my arm. Wherever he can shove in, he does. He’s the lover I wanted and Sonny never is, unless she’s sick. But Charley has no sense of personal space. All space is his. All of me is his. I have been claimed.

Sonny and Sig play, and Charley is above the fray. He observes from his lofty perch, refusing to engage in all that childish doggish play. But he’s watchful.

Sig and Sonny take turns chiding each other into playing.

I made the mistake of trying to take all three for a walk together. Fortunately my friend was coming around the corner, observed my predicament, and took Sonny so I could “concentrate” on Sig and Charley. They’re not bad on the leash, but you can tell they’re not “city” dogs. I wish I could let them run. Maybe we’ll go to the dog park tomorrow. When my husband comes home. Maybe.

Sonny has eaten, but the boys haven’t chosen to partake yet. But they’ve been drinking their fill, at least.

Yes, Sig, what is it NOW?


~ by Heather on February 19, 2011.

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