Snow and Skype!

We’re supposed to get 2 to 4 inches of snow overnight. Finally, the office where I work has — at my suggestion — decided to follow the county’s public schools in determining when we work. The schools are already on a two-hour delay in the morning, so we are, too. That’s why I’m up late writing this blog. Otherwise, I’d have been tucked in a while ago.

I’ve had to come home early the past two days due to headaches brought on by poor sleeping the nights before. I feel better this evening, because I came home at 3 and took a nap. Yeah! But no matter how bad I feel, my first priority is taking care of Sonny. After all, she’s been locked up in the crate all day and needs to get out! And go outside. And drink water. And more water. (She’s on a prednisone taper for some itching for which we can’t ID the cause.)

But no matter how bad (or good) she feels or behaves, she always looks great! Her coat is always shiny and her markings are beautiful. But the yuck that goes on inside that beautiful coat is a tale of woe. Poor poor Sonny.

There’s a woman in our office who thought for the first month she was employed there that Sonny was my daughter! (No offense intended to my real daughter!)

And by the way, I’m already hooked on the potential for Skype. The future is NOW, with some kinks to still work out. There are streaming issues and such, but it is so cool to sit and talk face to face with my daughter! And see “the boys” too. Every family that has family out of town needs it.

I’m currently waiting to hear if my mother has a camera in her monitor. Since my brother built the computer, I don’t know what features it has, but I know she has TWO monitors side by side. So she can play cards on one and watch something on the other. But she’s a newbie on Facebook and I’m dreading the learning curve!!

Time for bed for Sonny and me.

Love to all my 2.5 faithful readers!


~ by Heather on February 9, 2011.

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  1. Who is the .5?

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