Pregnancy Sufferings

While I never recall having any cravings during my pregnancy with my one and only, I remember quite clearly all of the things I gave up during pregnancy. Well, for most of the pregnancy. Well, for all of the pregnancy except for one thing.

I gave up eating red meat. Now, you might not think this is a big deal, but it is. Because when I say red meat, I don’t mean “beef”. I mean, the color red. I like beef practically raw, seared on the outside and cool and juicy on the inside. Love it. Still love it. Don’t know where I acquired this predilection. I grew up in a family of “medium rare”. I must have read somewhere that rare uncooked meat is bad for a fetus, so I gave up eating ALL beef. Not because I was overly cautious as in “if rare is bad, then no beef is better” but as in “if I can’t have it my way there’s no point in eating it at all!”

I gave up alcohol. Not that I drank (or drink) that much. But it was the thing to do.

I had given up smoking 3 years earlier (another story for another time) but my husband still smoked. During my pregnancy and afterwards, he never smoked inside the house, inside the car, nor in our presence. No-smoking sides of the restaurant please.

I tried to take the pre-natal vitamins. The excess iron in them gave me fierce headaches. Sorry, kiddo. You were just gonna have to not get spina bifida on your own.

But if it means anything, I also gave up getting my hair treated. For most of the pregnancy. I don’t know if I read about it somewhere, or determined that all those chemical treatments on my hair could possibly get through to the placenta, and I wanted NO part of that. So, no more frosting. Until my 9th month. I decided to cut my hair to a more modest length (less for the unborn child to pull when born?) and I wanted my hair frosted. Well, actually, it was the other way around. I wanted my hair frosted and my hairdresser said, “not at this length!” So, I allowed her to cut it to the longest length she would tolerate for frosting.

Chemicals, come forth. Beautify my hair. Make me feel pretty and not just swollen with child. And my hair went from waist length to mid-back length and has been getting shorter ever since.

And the first time I went out to eat AFTER my daughter was born, I had the rarest piece of prime rib I could get my hands on! So what if I was nursing. Deprivation time was over! And hand me that glass of wine, please!


~ by Heather on January 25, 2011.

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