My Pregnancy: in no discernible order. Part I

Sometime within seconds of becoming pregnant, I started suffering from indigestion. It was constant. It was disabling. It was uncomfortable. I started chewing an antacid gum called Chooz. To this day, I credit it as the single most identifying “craving” of my entire pregnancy. My husband and I used to tease that we should have bought stock in the company. The only active ingredient in Chooz is calcium carbonate, but in combination with the chewing action, it brought my indigestion under control almost immediately each and every time.

During the third and fourth months of my pregnancy, I was living in Tampa with my Aunt Sylvia Sundays through Thursdays while I attended a daily accounting class at the University of South Florida’s Tampa campus. (That’s a separate story to be told when I feel so inclined!) My aunt was the surviving spouse of a veteran and she often shopped at the commissary at MacDill AFB. While living with her, I would pay her to buy my Chooz in bulk at MacDill. It was so much cheaper than buying one box at a time, even from Wal-mart. And I was going through it as if there were no tomorrow.

From the moment she was born, the indigestion was gone. And, yes, she was born with a full head of hair.

It’s amazing what triggers a memory. My daughter’s sister in law was on Facebook, sharing her story about her bouts with indigestion with her 3rd child now in the last month of pregnancy, so I shared my knowledge about Chooz with her. And then blogged here.

I don’t know if calcium carbonate in the quantities I ingested it has had or will have any lasting effect on my daughter. I hope not.But it got me through the pregnancy. I used to think the indigestion was caused because I carried my daughter so high up and she never “dropped”, not even to be born. But I do have a hiatal hernia. But maybe it was the hair…


~ by Heather on January 9, 2011.

One Response to “My Pregnancy: in no discernible order. Part I”

  1. I’m sure the indigestion had more to do with my hair than my penchant for rearranging your organs 😉

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