I hate shopping at “our local superstore”

First, there’s the parking lot. Finding a spot is difficult. And there’s so much congestion. And nobody who shops at Local superstore seems interested in putting their carts away. So, you may find a spot without a car, but it may have carts in it.

Our local superstore is good if you like multi-tasking but bad if you’re just interested in groceries. Because if you need a kitchen item — like aluminum pie plates — you have to leave the grocery area, find the kitchen area and then go back to the grocery area to finish your shopping. Unless you’re NOT like me and you KNEW to expect that aluminum pie plates could not be found in the grocery section of the local superstore, even though they are carried in grocery stores ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!!

You can’t beat the local superstore prices, as long as they have the product you’re looking for. Over the past several years there’s been a degradation of the variety of brands carried in our local superstore, as well as what looks to be a big distribution problem. I mean, the shelves look BARE, even of their own brand name! Helmann’s mayonnaise? There were 3 jars. Three. For all of Greenville, NC! And I took one!

I needed fresh baking powder. Great. The local superstore’s brand was almost 60 cents cheaper than a brand I don’t even use. There was ONE! But it was all the way to the back of the shelf. I admit I am height-challenged. Thankfully, before I considered either climbing the shelves or spending 60 cents extra, a tall man walked by and I hailed him for assistance. And he wasn’t even an employee! Just a customer like me. Couldn’t find an employee if I tried!

You want wine to cook with? The local superstore carries $2 bottles. ALMOST worth the trip for that alone. The foodies say you should only cook with wine you would drink. Well, I probably wouldn’t want to drink $2 wine on a regular basis, but it is drinkable and I WILL cook with it.

Fresh vegetables? Well, they lose me there. In addition to all the hands I imagine handling the veggies, I just don’t see the quality I want. The roma tomatoes never look ripe but the green peppers looked good today so I bought some.

I bought a cryo-vac brisket for $1.98 a pound. Great deal. I hope I have something large enough in which to cook it!! Then I’ll freeze it for Christmas Day with friends.

Got most everything on my list, except for a few brand name items they didn’t carry. I came across the canned tomatoes I like: Hunt’s fire roasted with no added seasonings. I found 2. Two cans. I took them both. Now no one else in Greenville who shops at the local superstore will have any. Until when, I wonder?

My cashier today carried on an entire conversation with a co-worker who was behind me the entire time she was checking out my groceries. And the co-worker was standing where I am supposed to stand, when I’m not desperately trying to load my cart from the twirling plastic bag rack. In fact, when I finally loaded up and was ready to pay, I had to ask the co-worker to move. Sheesh!!

Oh, and don’t forget exiting the parking lot. You thought it was congested before when you were trying to pull in, imagine trying to back out. Nightmare on Elm Street!

Here in Greenville, the local superstore parking lot is ranked #1 in accidents. Great!

Have I mentioned that I hate shopping at our local superstore?


~ by Heather on December 13, 2010.

One Response to “I hate shopping at “our local superstore””

  1. clever, clever. Good writing, and I’m proud of you. Love, Mom

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