Thanksgiving was a wonderful experience this year because so much of our family was together under one roof at the same time. It’s the first time so many have been together at one time since our daughter turned 13 15 years ago. Both my parents were there, their three children with their 3 spouses were in attendance, all but one of the next generation was there (a niece in San Diego was absent), my mother’s brother, spouse and one of two daughters in attendance (a cousin in LA was absent, and her daughter). Thanksgiving was just splendid.

A few tense moments, some involving the kitchen (too many cooks), some involving family (too much alcohol), some involving me (I teasingly shot my new-“ish” son-in-law a bird!) But, overall, it went as smoothly as 16 family members plus 1 boyfriend can be in a condensed environment.

There was eating, of course. Mandatory brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and “the dip”.

There were basketball and football games to watch.

There was “Angry Birds” to play (definitely not an interactive activity; at least, not interactive with other humans!!)

There was homework to be done, hot tubs in which to soak, coffee to drink, a Harry Potter movie to watch, stone crabs to eat (my personal treat, before the throng arrived), pets to miss and cooking to be done. No one, I am glad to say, was caught up in the Black Friday madness. Shopping? Who cares!

Some of us had to leave Thanksgiving night, some Friday, some Saturday and the rest on Sunday. So, for my parents, it was a gradual reduction. There had been enough hubbub since the previous Saturday when my husband and I arrived for the week that I am quite sure my mother was ready for a little peace and quiet before she started missing us all again!

All families have their peccadilloes with which to contend, but we all seem to get along reasonably well. We definitely have our dysfunctionalities, but we still talk with one another. And that’s a good thing.

Who knows if we’ll be able to manage another unintentional family reunion next year. But we can record this year’s Thanksgiving in the book. In fact, my niece already uploaded pictures on her Facebook page. There is something devilishly delicious about the immediacy of the internet. In this case, it’s all good.


~ by Heather on November 30, 2010.

One Response to “THANKSGIVING!”

  1. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

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