Growing up with two younger brothers, there was always competition. There were always disagreements and arguments. Fights and dust-ups, even. But there was one thing that was sacrosanct. And that was calling “safe”.

“Safe” to keep the seat you had when you went to the kitchen to get a drink or run to the bathroom. “Safe” meant that your seat was your’s until you willingly gave it up or forgot to say “safe”. And that did happen. If one didn’t say “safe” before you left your chair, it was a race by the other two to claim it for their own. Sure, we had disagreements from time to time about whether you called “safe” in time or not, or disagreements over who got the unsafe piece of furniture. But “safe” was always respected by all of us. Honor among thieves, if you will.

I have no idea how the whole thing started. But it only was in evidence in the family room in front of the television. Of course, dad always had the couch. You would think mom would have the recliner chair, and we kids the floor. Which is how it was on the few occasions mom actually watched tv with us. But when she wasn’t in the room, the recliner chair was fair game for whoever got there first. And the losers would get the floor.

I love these recollections. I wonder if mom and dad remember?


~ by Heather on October 18, 2010.

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