Sunday Night Picnics At Home

I remember Sunday night dinners at home. A lot of times we would have a picnic on the family room floor, in front of the television. I cannot remember what we ate or what we watched, but I do remember we did not eat on paper plates. Mom would put down a beach blanket or tablecloth, the table would be set and we would all chow down. It was casual and fun. Not that our other dinners weren’t also casual and fun, but it’s more fun eating on the floor than in a chair. (At least, when you’re young!)

I have a vague memory of watching the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday nights, so maybe that’s what we watched during our picnic. Although it’s hard to believe we ate dinner that late. Especially on a school night. Regardless, it’s a fond memory, right up there with drive-in theaters. Another family tradition.

We’d all pile into the station wagon, mostly in our pajamas, with our pillows and blankets. My parents would take the three of us children to the drive in theater, often to watch a scary movie. (I still remember nightmares of the Shrieking Skull bouncing up the stairs). We’d watch the movies until we were sleepy, then would crawl into the very back and lay down. Later on, the drive in theaters got fancier and would pipe in air conditioning into the car for a fee which dad gladly paid! And I remember the speakers that would hook on to the side of the window. Ah, what fond memories indeed.

As parents ourselves, my husband and I shared Friday nights with our daughter. Friday nights were Family Night, and we would pretty much do what our daughter wanted, and — while she was still young — would sleep with us that one night as a special treat. We’d watch movies, eat popcorn, go out, whatever. But we did it together. When my husband was living in North Carolina while I was still in Sarasota, I still continued Family Night with our daughter. It was the only night of the week I would allow her to sleep with me. As our daughter got older, she’d sleep on our bedroom floor because there just wasn’t enough room in our queen size bed, and she was all arms and legs.

And then she grew up.


~ by Heather on October 10, 2010.

One Response to “Sunday Night Picnics At Home”

  1. you need to put these remembrances into a special folder and identify it so that it will be saved. Love, Mom
    I was remembering tonight with Lynn, and realized I had no memory of how my father courted my mother. Love, Mom

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