I was sending my daughter an email about an article I had just read, and upon sending it realized it was a blog type of email. So I hope my daughter forgives me for sharing.

Anyway, I just read an article online that says that the #1 cause for failed marriages these days is not conflict, but the avoidance of conflict. Also, that new marriages have a 50/50 chance of working out, and second marriages even less. I then commented that at least her Mom and Dad’s marriage had beaten the odds. (2nd for me, first for him).

So I shared this with my daughter. Not so much as words of wisdom. Just a point of information.

Then, I so effortlessly summed up what marriage is in five C’s.

Conflict, Commitment, Compromise, Comedy (sense of humor), and Canines (dogs, not the teeth!).

Brilliant, eh? At least I thought so. So I’m sharing it here for no other reason than the mere fact that I am able to do so.

Where’s love in that equation? Well, as Tina Turner says, “what’s love got to do with it?”

I guess love is like superglue. It will hold anything together, whether you want it to or not. But love only gets you to the table. It doesn’t put food in your mouth.

And canines? Well, that’s self evident, isn’t it?


~ by Heather on August 10, 2010.

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