Kodak Moment. Not. Part of the Wedding Story Chronicles.

The most memorable part of my daughter’s wedding, at least to me, was at the very end of the evening. The dj had asked us if there was anything special we wanted played months prior. My future son-in-law, daughter and husband had some songs they wished played. I opted for an end of the evening song that I used to sing to  my baby girl. It was a touching lullaby type song by Jimmy Buffet, called Children of the World.

At the time we sent the music to the dj, I really had no idea the impact it would have. I just knew it was a favorite of my baby’s, and it seemed fitting to play it one last time for my all grown up baby. Toward the end of the evening, my daughter left to change into comfortable clothes, most of the guests had left, and we — unfortunately — had sent the photographers off packing.

As my daughter walked back into the reception area, changed from her wedding attire, the dj started playing that song. You should have seen the look on my daughter’s face. It was amazing. She burst into a smile, came over to both of us, and we stood hugging through the whole song. Neither of us had cried at the wedding. At least, not until that moment.

It was so touching. I just wish someone who was still there had taken a picture. I think Becky, my daughter’s new step-mom-in-law’s best friend, took a camera off of a nearby table and took some pictures. To this day, we have no idea whose camera it was. I sure wish someone would step forward with some of those pictures. Because, in this case, a picture IS worth a thousand words!

And it was a fitting end to a beautiful wedding.


~ by Heather on August 8, 2010.

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