My Daughter’s New Car.

Well, she doesn’t have it yet. She and her husband — well, mostly she — has been looking for a few weeks. Which doesn’t seem like much unless you knew my daughter. It’s not that she’s been spoiled all her life — well, ok, most of her life — but she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “wait”.

Why wait when you can have it now? Why wait when you can order it today? Why wait when I need it now?

So, looking and waiting for a few weeks is a long time for my daughter. A really long time. She’s been doing most of the research and the legwork, test driving, negotiating, walking away. I’m very proud of her. For not getting the first thing she saw. For not getting the first thing she liked. Of course, money was certainly a factor in the waiting.

But the waiting is almost over. She and her husband have found a way to manage a NEW car instead of a used one. And I’m one happy mama. Not so much because it’s new and not used, but because of all the miles that are going to be put on this car. My daughter’s profession takes her out of town to shoot weddings most weekends. Down in Charleston. Over in Columbia. Charlotte. Augusta. Atlanta. All within driving distance. So she drives. In a car that already has over a hundred thousand miles on it.

And, although it’s well cared for, it still is not THAT road worthy anymore. Not when my daughter’s safety and security are on the line. So I’m very very happy she is going to be getting a new car. Whatever the make and model ends up being, I know it will be road worthy and get her to her destinations.

So maybe, just maybe she’ll be traveling to visit us sometime in August. HINT HINT!! In a brand new car. With or without her husband. With or without the dogs. What an excuse to visit your family: show off your new car! Get it in practice for all the traveling in September and October.

Sonny loves to ride in cars. Come on down! The road is calling you home!


~ by Heather on July 19, 2010.

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