Down and Out.

Twenty-four hours can change so many things. I was ecstatic when I found out my Sonny could hear. It was a good day. But the next morning, I got blown away by the start of a bladder infection that took me out. And then, the morning after that, I woke up with such a bad back that I could hardly walk.

Uh oh, I thought. Another kidney stone? The pain never increased nor decreased, but never moved either. But I thought it was related to the bladder infection so I went to the doctor, who ordered all these STAT blood tests, squeezed me in as a patient quickly, and then ordered a CT scan.  Of course, my regular doctor was not in that week, so I was seen by a colleague.

In between doctor visits, blood work and waiting for the CT scan, I was at work. Might as well. It took my mind off the discomfort.

Waiting. Pain. Waiting. Discomfort. Waiting.

The phone finally rang from the doctor’s office. They scheduled the CT scan for Tuesday. Uh, Tuesday? That’s, like, in 4 days!! I thought the doctor wanted everything done STAT? I told the nurse to unschedule the appointment. I’d either end up in the ED this weekend or wouldn’t need the scan.

Turns out, I didn’t need it. I came home from work, took a couple of new muscle relaxers my doctor had prescribed, and could tell that — because it worked — the bad back had nothing to do with the infection.

But a talk with a very good friend showed that, perhaps, I wasn’t getting the best patient care. Because the doctor apparently only referred CT scans within their own network. Even though there’s independent radiology labs in the area. Believe me, it’s a conversation I plan to have with my regular doctor next time I see him. Because I don’t think the needs of this patient was first and foremost in the scheduling of this CT scan. Otherwise, they would have offered to schedule sooner with someone else. Definitely a talk to have with the doctor. And thanks to my dear friend for bringing it to my attention.


~ by Heather on July 18, 2010.

One Response to “Down and Out.”

  1. I had a feeling something was not right with you, when Steve didn’t volunteer you to talk to me. Hope you’re feeling better now.and hope these replies get back to you./ Let me know. Love, Mom

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