Speaking of Maria Sharapova…

We saw her in Sarasota, Florida. On St. Armand’s Circle. In an ice cream shop where we were enjoying refreshment on a hot summer day. She really is tall and thin and pretty. Sharapova was with a small entourage of foreign-speaking girlfriends. We were a table of home-grown Sarasotans, visiting back in our hometown.

It was all I could do to not say anything out loud. I just kept hitting my husband on his leg. “Look, look!” And then, she was gone. Took her ice cream and her friends and walked out. And that was that.

I’ve had only one other famous person encounter that I can remember. Back in my twenties, my first husband’s cousin was getting married. To Ray Knight! She was the Plant City Watermelon Queen of some year, and he was, well, he was Ray Knight. I think he was playing for the Cincinnati Reds back then. Or maybe he was still in the minor leagues and hadn’t quite achieved a name for himself. Anyway, I attended his wedding to this cousin of my first husband’s. That marriage didn’t last, because he later married a female pro golfer whose name eludes me at the moment.

Oh, yeah, there is one other famous person I know. Well, I used to know him because we attended Sunday school together. (I think.) The better connectivity is my mother is being good friends with his mother. His name: PeeWee Herman. Apparently, PeeWee is making a comeback and actually bringing back his PeeWee characterization. My daughter and I used to love his children’s show. He was so innocent acting and charming. I hope this new episode in his life will re-endear him to the public and bring him some well-deserved accolades.


~ by Heather on July 2, 2010.

One Response to “Speaking of Maria Sharapova…”

  1. All remembrances. Watching Braves and Marlins

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