While patiently (and quietly)waiting…

…to be a grandparent (No, absolutely nothing in the works (that I know of!)), and  (No, I’m not asking!) and (No, I’m not pushing), I recently came to the realization that I am absolutely ready to be a grandparent! .After raising (rearing?) our daughter and getting my boxer to the age of 3 (check out my blog “raisingsonny.blogspot.com), it’s just the next logical life event pending. I’m just in that awkward phase of life where I’m finally ready to admit that I’m old enough to be a grandparent, and also emotionally ready to be one, but my daughter and husband aren’t ready to be parents.

Knowing my son-in-law and daughter, I’m pretty certain children are somewhere in their future, but I haven’t been made privy to the master plan and time table. I hope they’re not waiting to “afford” them, ’cause there’s no such thing. But their careers are first and foremost, both are doing extremely well in their professions, and they’re young enough to be rightfully selfish in thinking that this is “their” time. It’s too early to be concerned with biological clocks, they have two dogs of their own, and they’ve only been married a year and a half.

In fact, the dogs are the closest thing to grandchildren I have right now. I remember telling my son-in-law early on that if he’s wondering if the way I dote on his dogs is any indication of how I’ll be as a grandparent, he’s absolutely right. But that is the ONLY reference I’ve made to grandchildren either before or since.

I want to be thought of as the “good” mother-in-law; the non-judgemental, non-pushy, non-interfering type of mother-in-law. I hope I’m succeeding.

Anyway, while I’m patiently and quietly waiting, I’ve got other things to do. We’re slowly renovating my husband’s homeplace for when we retire, although I use the term “we” extremely loosely. I work full-time, play with my dog, read, work crossword puzzles and other word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, enjoy time with my friends and family. I get to see my daughter and her husband frequently enough, and love their dogs as my own.

I’d be less than honest if I said I don’t think about being a grandparent every now and then. Not often, just now and then. But, the really weird thing is, as easy as it is for me to embrace the concept of grandparenthood, it’s more difficult to envision my daughter as pregnant and as a mother. Not that I don’t think she’ll be wonderful. I just hate conceptualizing her having to deal with morning sickness, raging hormones, the birth process, changing diapers, etc.

Weird, huh?

My parents have a magnet on their refrigerator that says “if I’d known how great grandchildren were, I’d have had them first”. Someday, I hope to experience the joy of grandchildren.

But I’m not pushing. I’m enjoying seeing my daughter and her spouse enjoying their life, their dreams of the future, their growing financial well-being. They know how to have fun. They work hard, but they know how to play hard, too. And as long as they’re happy, that’s good enough for me.


~ by Heather on June 30, 2010.

One Response to “While patiently (and quietly)waiting…”

  1. Where does the time go? We’ve been married TWO and a half years!! 🙂

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