What’s in your pantry?

I’m lucky to have practically two pantries in my small home. One pantry spans an entire wall of my laundry room. There, I keep all my cooking ingredients and cookbooks. I have another smaller pantry that is primarily reserved for all my baking supplies. My KitchenAid. A hand mixer. Mixing bowls. Plastic wrap, wax paper, cheesecloth. Funnels.

I keep virtually every baking item needed to make chocolate chip cookies or brownies on hand at all times. Not that I bake cookies and brownies often these days. Hardly at all, actually. But I COULD at a moment’s notice. I’ve gone an entire year without using any baking powder and then, when scrounging around for other ingredients, I come across the baking powder and discover it’s out of date. It immediately goes on my shopping list. I buy small so it’s not a major expense. Other than yeast and baking powder, not much else expires.

I always have granulated sugar, self-rising and all-purpose flour, dark brown sugar, baking soda, baking powder, unsweetened chocolate squares, semi-sweet morsels, vanilla extract (the real, NOT imitation), shortening, oil, and confectioner’s sugar on hand at all times.

Unlike my mother-in-law, who must have had a fetish for muffin tins, I tend to run a little skimpy on the baking pans. But I always have at least one each of: 9X12, 8X8, one muffin tin of 12, cake round pans (2), a loaf pan and a springform pan. (Can anybody say CHEESECAKE?!!!)


~ by Heather on June 25, 2010.

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